Fixed Gear Conversion Project

Aim: To convert 90s Gazelle Formula steel road bike to single speed

Current state (21 November 2015):

Gazelle Formula Race – Made in Netherlands
Reynolds 525 steel double butted tubing – Frame number 3461928
Seat Tube C-T: 56 cm
Top Tube C-C: 55 cm
Head Tube: 14 cm
Wheel size: 700c


Step 1: Remove surplus equipment


Step 2: Purchase fixed gear equipment

For simplicity I went for the Premium Silver 700c Single Speed Kit from which includes;

Wheel set (front and rear wheel 130mm OLD with Quando flip-flop hub)
KMC Z510 HX 1/8″ chain
16T Fixed Gear Rear Sprocket and Lock Ring
17T Freewheel Sprocket
Plus Stronglight Single Chainring Bolt Set

I will keep the existing front chainring (Shimano-SG 42)


5 December

The wheelset, cogs, chain and bolts came during the week




Reattached the chainring and fitted the rear wheel. The chainline, how straight the chain runs between front and rear sprockets, looks good. Will fit chain soon.

One problem however, the axle of the front wheel doesn’t fit into the fork ends; probably about 1-2 mm out. After much research I shall file the axles very slightly at the point where the fork ends / axles meet.

6 December

Chainring bolted to crank using the single chainring bolt set. The front axle just needed a very fine filing to fit the fork ends. Chain measured for length, links removed as required and initially tensioned by moving the rear wheel back in the drop outs.



May 2016

The brakes are now complete after a visit to LBS Cycle Revival in Heathfield plus bar tape and ends (thank you Matt)



First little run around local lane – running very smoothly and a lovely simple experience!

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